We're building a funding platform for artists.

Crowdsurf - Guitar

What is Crowdsurf?

Let’s face it: Nobody buys CD’s anymore. But your true fans still want to support you!

We’re building a service that enables your fans to fund your creative work on a monthly basis.

There are incredibly talented artists all over the globe. Many of them hoping to make a living from their art and many of them lost in the recent disarray dominating the creative industries.

This site enables the fans to fund their favorite artists directly and in that way help ensure their artistic futures. No corporate label, no middle man. This is about artists and fans working closely together to achieve great things.

The founder

Leif Harald Flikkeid is an artist from the Norwegian band World At Large.

The idea for a site where fans could fund their artist directly originates from working with releasing music for two decades and seeing the changes within the industry during this time..

Any questions?
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