Emaline Delapaix

Hello out there. I am a Berlin based Australian singer songwriter who writes intense, sometimes dreamy, sometimes melancholic folk-pop on piano, acoustic guitar and baby celtic harp using a lot of strings and ambient/melodic electric and lapsteel guitar, My biggest influences are Tori Amos, Kate Bush, Stina Nordenstam and Neil Finn along with lots of inspiration from alternative Scandinavian singer songwriters.

I am a 100% DIY musician from the writing, recording and releasing of records, to booking and promotion. I do it all with the help of my guitarist for recording.

I have released 3 official solo EP's, 1 acoustic 3P as well as two very old EP's in collaboration with my Australian band back in early 2000. There are even some old demo EP's and 2 cassette demos from my old all female rock band out there.

I'm currently working on a new 7 track CD which will be followed by a stripped back winter 3P just before Christmas and a few other things in the pipeline.

If you like what I do and want to support me then I would welcome you to my little corner of this universe where you will get some exclusive treats like demos, alternative versions of songs and whatever else I dream up.

I would be very grateful and happy to have you here. :)

Emaline Delapaix
Crowdsurf - Guitar

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