Marte Røyeng

Hi, Marte Røyeng here. This page is a platform where you can make a fan donation to support my music.

At the moment I am in the middle of recording my first album, coming in August 2018. So far I have completed two wonderful sessions with my band in Athletic Sound studio. I still have a few more songs I want to include on the album and a couple more studio days to go. Then what remains will be mixing, mastering and pressing of vinyls.

I am so excited that the album is happening, after almost seven years of playing my songs in public. If you want to back it up and contribute to the making of it, well, that's fantastic. More funds means more freedom in the recording and production process. Thanks!

You will be given access to exclusive pre-listens and other nice exclusive treats as a thank-you for your help.

Marte Røyeng is a singer-songwriter and composer hailing from the Norwegian harbour town Horten, who has made a solid impression on audiences and music critics who have come across her through-composed pop music after the release of her EP "No One" in early 2017. Produced by acclaimed artist and producer Thom Hell and featuring notable guest musicians Olaf Olsen (BigBang) on drums and Ole-Henrik Moe on strings, the EP has been described as a "delicate and refined pop work by an underestimated artist" (GAFFA), with "a soft charm to it" (Nordic Music Review), "honest and telling" (Bands of Tomorrow).

The release of "No One" EP was accompanied by a trilogy of music videos, creating a visual counterpart to the EP and elaborating on its theme of transitioning from "no one" into "someone".

A voice genuine and clear, Marte Røyeng approaches pop music with a refreshing originality and  eclectic musicality that has become her trademark. Her songs varies between the bluntly emotional and the intelligent and witty. She always leaves behind the sense of being inviting, yet somewhat secretive.

Marte Røyeng's debut album is set for release in fall 2018. The first single will be out in February.
Crowdsurf - Guitar

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