Sleepyard is a psychedelic pop band from Norway formed in 1994 They have released four acclaimed albums.

First release was Intersounds EP on their own label Orange music in 1998. This was hailed as one of the very first post rock albums from Norway.
First full-length album "The Runner" was released on Norwegian label Trust Me records in 2003.

Easy Tensions followed in 2006 and saw the band reaching for a more mellow and richer sound. Their multi tracked vocal harmonies reminded critics of the Beach Boys and drew comparisons to the psychedelic sound of Smile.

Future lines from 2009 saw the band move into a more jazzy and ambient direction.
It featured contributions from Mike Garson and Sonic Boom.

In 2010 they collaborated with Jim Shepherd (Jasmine Minks) on a 7" called "Down Tangerine Road". It featured two cuts with Shepherd on vocals and the psychedelic pop song "Dear Melody".

2013 saw the release of a split cassette with Devita. This was a tribute to composer Karlheinz Stockhausen.

Black sails was released in 2014 and explored a more electronic and ambient sound, but still keeping the warmth from earlier releases.

Guest musicians on this album count Dawn Smithson (Jessamine), Mike Garson, Judy Dyble (Fairport Convention), Geoff leigh (Henry Cow), Richard Formby, Nik Turner (Hawkwind)

Sleepyard is now working on a new album called Winter Crickets.


INTERSOUNDS EP (Intersounds) 1999
THE RUNNER (Trust me records) 2003
EASY TENSIONS (Intersounds) 2006
DOWN TANGERINE ROAD 7 " (Oatcake records) 2010
WALL OF CONFUSION Split Cassette w/ Devita (Agartha) 2013
BLACK SAILS (Global Recording Artists) 2014
Crowdsurf - Guitar

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