Thomas Dybdahl

Hi all and welcome to my page here at Crowdsurf. The site is basically a way for fans and listeners to support their favorite artists direct through a monthly subscription and to play a small part in letting the artists and bands they like be able to focus on their music. It lets people be a sort of modern day Medici and patron of the arts, if you will. All though the site doesn’t really require the artists to give anything back, other than to continue to focus on music, I do think that most of the artist will solve this little moral conundrum by finding a way to give back to the fans that support them. I certainly will. The long term plan is, of course to be able to offer concert tickets and new releases to Crowdsurf followers first, but I have started with a rather nerdy little thing (as the supporters will most likely be among the more ardent fans), I have compiled my demos for all the songs that eventually made up my last album “The Great Plains”. The demos are very raw and in varying degrees of finished/whole, but could be of interest to hardcore fans. They do show the core of the songs, the vibe they had when they were first thought up and also a lot of the melodic details that wound up in the finished production. In some cases (and this is something all artists sadly know) they even have a more direct and real feeling to them that sometimes gets lost in the production. I hope you enjoy, all support will go towards the recording of my next album!

Norwegian artist & film composer. Made my debut with first solo album "...that great October sound" in 2002 and have been busy ever since making albums, touring, scoring films etc. Basically anything that interests me in the world of music & film. My latest solo album "The Great Plains" was released feb 2017.
I am currently working on a new album as well as producing for others. The latest film I scored, Now It's Dark, premieres in Norway March 2nd.
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