General Terms of Use

Crowdsurf - Guitar

Artist terms of use

  1. Crowdsurf is hereby granted authority on behalf of the artist to collect money from subscribers following the artist on Crowdsurf.
  2. The artist will see at least 90 per cent of the funds collected and it will be payed out to the artist once a month. Example: $100 = Artist $92 - Crowdsurf $5 - Stripe(integrated payment service) $3.
  3. Crowdsurf charges 5% per transaction to cover costs and further development.
  4. The artist has to register a bank account number for monthly pay outs.
  5. The Artist is responsible for reporting earnings to the proper tax authority.
  6. In the event of an artist retiring or a band splitting, Crowdsurf will within a maximum of three months terminate payments from fans to the artist in question.
  7. A fan signing up will have to register a credit card for recurring payments.
  8. A fan subscription can be terminated by the fan at any time.
  9. Crowdsurf uses US dollars as currency and payouts will reflect the current US dollar exchange rate.
  10. To avoid misuse Crowdsurf reserves the right to approve an artist as to the confirm the validity of the artist before a profile becomes public.
  11. Artist is provided with a profile and a timeline where followers are allowed access.
  12. Fans are provided with a profile with an overview of subscriptions and payment history.